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Welcome to the official site for the Dead Moose, Inc. production, "another walk in the park".



-After several failed attempts to re-render the film, I've finally been able to. It's still in Quicktime, though I used a different audio codec. The original production sound is used for the dialogue, and no sound filters this time. It sounds slightly clearer than last time's file, though I can't fully back up that you'll understand every word of dialogue.
Still, for those of you who want to see the film, after two long months, you now have a chance to. The file is 6 seconds longer since I added a copyright notice at the end- I removed the reverse-scrolling credits since the Quicktime compression made them illegible. All the credits are on the Synopsis page.

-The film has been temporarily removed from the website, as Kristi decided she didn't want her full name to be displayed. Either I'll render a new copy with the credits modified, or I'll wait to have Kristi's lines (as well as mine) re-dubbed, and then release it (since I've heard problems about not being able to understand what the characters are saying; I absolutely hate using subtitles as a solution to these sorts of situations, as I find it to be highly unprofessional and just plain tacky).
If you do wish to see it and have me send over a file, though, contact me on my AIM screename: BokoROLF792
-Started a section for the eventual anime version of this film. There's a pencil test there, to give you some sort of clue on what the animation's gonna look like. (but, of course, the lines are gonna look neater and there's gonna be colour) It might be a bit hard to see, and there's a blinking black frame between each loop for some odd reason...
And for those of you saying "OH NO, WHAT are you up to?!"... this was my intention from the beginning of this project. Shoot a live-action version, get it released, then make the animated version of it.
-I got this letter from the Monta Vista Film Festival staff:
"Hi Eric,
This is Prina Patel from the Historian Tech Comission in Leadership.  We are in charge of the Film Festival.  We just wanted to let you know that your movie submission, Another Walk in the Park, had some inappropiate scenes such as killing bunnies and biting fingers off, while blood gushes out.  If you can somehow edit this part out or change it to make it more suitable for a school event and drop off the newer copy to B101 by this Friday, May 13, it will be greatly appreicated.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me back."
I responded back-
"Yes, I actually had plans to censor the film upon submission, but
those plans fell short because of the due date. (I was following the
original due date, and was completely unaware of the extension; if I
had knowledge of that, I would have censored the film accordingly) The
bunny scene I will edit accordingly (if that is the only scene you
object to), completely editing out the bloodspray, and altering the
finger-biting segment."
What I forgot to include was that I was quite grateful for having this opportunity- I didn't expect to have it. While my peers would disagree, I don't think it's worth fighitng for. I'm tired of fighting the system all the time. It's a lot easier and a lot more painless to abide by it- you've got to pick your battles, and this one isn't worth fighting.
The censored version, which will be included on the DVD as a supplement, has 21 seconds of footage removed, and should be no more violent than a standard Warner Brothers cartoon. (Wile E. Coyote having explosives blowing up in his face is, in my opinion, much more violent and endangering to kids)
Because I don't like "spoiling" my films (the ones I like, anyway; I'll spoil the ending to "Fight Ultimatum" any day), I have the list of cuts made right here. See the film first, and if you're curious, look at this list.
Otherwise, see you at the film festival, if this film makes it in its cut form, and then watch the uncut version.
Of course I prefer the uncut version.
...really, what shocks me most about that letter is that she didn't ask me to cut more! (she didn't have one mention of the brief drug references in this film (or perhaps she didn't take it as a drug reference))
The main reason why I was willing to cut the film, though, was that it was censorable, without completely butchering it. (if I had to edit this like an R-rated movie gets edited for TV, I'd say "forget this!" and move on.)
If Mel Gibson can cut "The Passion of the Christ" to be more accessible to certain audiences, I can cut this film.

-The film is now available for download, under a page of a more-than-obvious name. Enjoy!
-Two comics posted in Bunny Artwork. Yeah, I only have a few more of these left.
-I'm unsure of whether the film is actually going to be done by its projected release date. Last night, I got 3 sound effects done, which isn't that many compared to how many I need to get done.
-The one you see online and in the film festival is NOT going to be the finalised sound mix. I'll "sweeten" it up for DVD. (as in, adding environmental sound effects when I actually get to recording at a park)
-And, yes, all sound elements were created from scratch; no production sound or unlicenced music was used. (while the third film in my "park" trilogy is going to be production sound only) The sound mix for this film is being created over 12 channels of audio, the most I've ever worked with. (surpassing the 9 I used for "Fight Ultimatum", due to the amount of guns heard at once in the robbery sequence and the ending) Basically, it's 3 channels (Left, Center and Right) for Julian's dialogue, Linda's dialogue, Sound Effects and Musical Score.
-Boredom after testing today got me to start drawing models for an anime version of the film in the future. (the truth is, I've intended this film as pseudo-anime from the beginning; the first thing I want to get done is the live-action version, and release that.)
-Posted a link to Kristi's DeviantArt page in the Bunny Artwork section.
-Well, the screening was hauled over to another room, but the small audience we had generally liked it- They found a good part of it hilarious, but everyone agreed the movie was downright wierd.
As I have mentioned in the Synopsis section, I do NOT consider this a comedy; it has sick humour in some places, but I consider this a romance film. (or, at least, a tribute, mainly to my favorite film of all time, "Whisper of the Heart" (a Studio Ghibli film not yet released in the US))
-A couple of comics that were posted on Kristi's xanga have been posted in "Bunny Artwork".
-A rough cut screening (90% complete, Kristi's lines just need to be dubbed) will be shown tomorrow at Monta Vista High School (for those of you who attend there), lunch period, Moviegoer's club at F102. (the photography room) This version is, of course, the uncut version, NOT the festival version. Anyone who wants to may come in.
-Two new comics posted in "Bunny Artwork". I've got several more of these left, which is why I haven't been updating this section that often.
-The film itself is complete; I could actually release a rough cut right now, but I'm not cheap, so I won't. In terms of editing, anyway. I finally finished the grand nightmare sequence (9 frames of which will have to be censored (due to some other frames being used more, though, the censored version's nightmare sequence is only a minute shorter)), which, as I promised, looks crappily animated. (ironically, it has the best image quality; I'll tweak around with contrast and colours, though)
-The editing is complete, now time to complete the SFX and dubbing. And, maybe, creating more for the music.
For now, consider this film delayed, to at least April 15th, yes, at 8-10PM.

-The projected release date was originally going to be April 8th, around 8-10PM PST (Pacific Standard Time). However, Kristi still needs to dub over her dialogue, and when she is available, I have no idea. I have no idea if she was joking when she suggested to get Kina (Garbage, the poppet girl in "A Walk in the Park") to dub over her dialogue, but it might work.
-The film as it stands is 85% complete. What's left:
:one animated sequence
:sound effects
:finalised musical score (though I really don't mind the recordings I have right now; I'd just prefer a wider range of "instruments" to get a more stereophonic effect)
:dubbing of Linda's dialogue
-Reading the festival guidelines for the Monta Vista Film Festival, I notice this film violates rule #5- entries with innapropriate content WILL be rejected. Now, I already have cuts prepared for a censored version, which will tone down the violent content (no blood) and remove the drugs references. (I honestly think this film wouldn't earn anything higher than a PG-13 if it were actually rated (if they don't believe me, I'll gladly screen them "Princess Mononoke"); however, I think this festival wants to appeal to a more general audience, so I'll screen it to them once completed, and then tell them what I plan to cut)
The version released online is, of course, my preferred uncut version. The censored version will be available as supplemental material on the DVD. (bonus features on that disc all seem to be alternate versions of the film! (an alternate sound mix, the original production sound, commentary, etc.))
-Bunny Artwork updated with three bunny pictures.
-Bunny Artwork, a section which will be occasionally updated, has been opened with two comics. These are done by Kristi (Linda) herself.
-Synopsis section opened.
-"another walk in the park" official site opened.
-Screenshots section opened.

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