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The original version I submitted to the film festival ran 4:42- the film being 4:30, with a 10-second title card at the end describing how all the sound elements used were in-house, and not a single downloaded sound effect or piece of unlicenced music was heard in the film.
The cut version being submitted to the film festival runs 4:21 (the film now running 4:09), all the cuts being to acts of violence (none of the drug references were removed, as they weren't mentioned in the e-mail sent to me). I cut a little bit extra for safety (this is my only chance, as my re-edit is due tomorrow (today being May 12th)), but those mentioned in the e-mail are marked with an asterisk (*). Things added in are marked with an arrow (^).

-Half of the eyeball segment is cut out, stopping at where the eyeball bounces on the ground. (ca. 6 seconds removed)
-The sleeping cloud man isn't seen getting impaled- it ends where the spike rises out of the ground, and the man is still falling. (ca. 1 second removed)
-*The second half of the first bunny sequence is cut out- it stops right where the bunny bites into the finger. (ca. 4 seconds removed)
-^The biting noise has been inserted to right here he bites the finger, since where it was originally placed (the finger ripping off) is now removed.
-*The second bunny sequence is removed completely, due to the blood spray, and the amputated finger. (ca. 5 seconds removed)
-The dialogue in between ("aww... look what you did to the happy bunny!") has been removed due to plot holes, and the fact that it would lead to a bad edit. What's left of the bunny sequence jumps to "This is what I drew last night." (ca. 5 seconds removed)
The eyeball sequence, while not mentioned, is the one that recieved the most damage out of all of them- it took me such a long time to do, too! The reason why is because if she mentioned the bloodspray on the bunny as objectionable, I would assume she would lead to the eyeball man bleeding.

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