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Anime Version
Anime Version
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Bunny Artwork

From the beginning of this project, I have always intended it as a (pseudo) anime. I knew it would take a couple years of work, so I just filmed a live-action version of it first to get a version of the film done and released.
To get more realistic movements from the human characters Julian and Linda, the live-action version will have various scenes converted to 12fps, printed out and traced over. (this technique being known as rotoscope-animation, used in films like Waking Life (done on a Photoshop-like program) and the upcoming A Scanner Darkly (done by the same people and with the same software), the original animated The Lord of the Rings (its director, Ralph Bakshi, being one of my key influences), and even employed by Walt Disney- as far back as Snow White and the Seven Dwarves) They are not entirely traced, however- the faces are done from scratch in my own drawing style. (which has a more anime-like look- it's how I've been drawing people since the 5th grade)
Occasionally, I will posts animated GIFs of pencil tests. I want the finished product to be done on actual painted cels, NOT computers. Yes, this is why I don't expect this to be done for a couple of years. I could easily use Flash to take care of my animation, but I prefer the more organic, hand-made cel animation.

Pencil Test- Linda freaks Julian out.

(don't none of you steal my work and take credit for it- it ain't worth stealin')

All artwork shown here (c)2005 Dead Moose, Inc.

(c)2005 Dead Moose, Inc.