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From the disturbed mind of Eric T. Jones comes a film based loosely on actual life experiences with a certain girl.

GENRE: Romance/Animation

Julian is your typical disturbed kid who wears a red jacket, draws bizzare sketches and has a female stalker. During one typical day in the park, he gets interrupted by Linda, who he then shows his sketches to. After her critique, chaos, revenge and crappily-animated scary mammals ensue.

Eric T. Jones - Julian
Kristi - Linda
Director of Photography- Eric T. Jones
Camera Operator- Richard Davis
Still Photographer- Aniket Das
Animation- Eric T. Jones
Animation- Kristi
Composer- Aniket Das
Sound Mix- Eric T. Jones
Director- Eric T. Jones

(when you see the finished product, the only thing that would really make it a romance film is because the director says it's a romance film. Contrary to popular belief, the film is not a comedy; the director sucks at comedy, so he doesn't do it.)

(c)2005 Dead Moose, Inc.